Light, Elegance, and Comfort

“SL 38” is an exclusive window system with a thin energy-saving profile. It is the optimal solution to ensure maximum light transmission window opening. It’s suitable for the reconstruction of various objects, as well as the creation of modern exteriors and interiors.

The window-door system is produced in three versions of the design concept: classic, cubism, “under the metal”. The latter option is particularly well suited as a replacement for obsolete steel window frames. At the same time, the modern version will provide more efficient energy saving and comfort of the object. The basic design provides a high degree of thermal insulation, and when using a specialized heat-insulated profile, the thermal insulation properties increase significantly. Available single-chamber or two-chamber glass. The range includes deaf windows, with a swivel and slide-and-tilt sash opening.

Excellent insulation performance

Thermally insulated door system is able to maintain a high level of comfort in the room, even under extreme weather conditions.

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