SL 38 Slim line
SL 38 Slim line

SL 38 SLIMLINEFor the reconstruction of various objects and the creation of modern interiors and ensuring maximum light transmission of the doorway it is best to use structures with the thinnest profile possible. The “SL 38 Slimline” aluminum system, distinguished by improved thermal insulation and concise design, is suitable for such tasks.

The design is made on a profile from aluminum with an internal opening of the door leaf. A low threshold is provided, and the security class provides the object to be protected for five minutes while attempting to break in with a classical in-house tool. Filling the frame can be done with a sandwich panel or a double-glazed window.

Excellent insulation performance

Thermally insulated door system is able to maintain a high level of comfort in the room, even under extreme weather conditions.

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