A series of window systems “Sensity” was developed on the basis of an aluminum profile with solid wood overlays decorations. Such designs combine all the advantages of modern design and allow you to achieve the necessary stylistic concepts in the design of the room.

Premium windows of the Sensity series are developed on the basis of the well-known energy-saving Concept System 86HI system. At the same time, the basic design is supplemented with the decor of solid Italian wood, which can be installed at the final stages of internal repair. This feature allows you to avoid many problems with the integrity of surfaces during the finishing, painting and other manipulations in the field of repair. As an option, we offer the installation of special PuRity handles, designed by the famous Italian designer Leo Di Carlo.

Thermally insulated aluminum windows of this series are suitable for objects located at a considerable height or in the coastal zone. It is possible to manufacture structures for openings of a large area with a shutter weight not exceeding 180 kg and a height of up to 2.6 m. At the same time, this design can be easily completed with a two-chamber glass unit without loss of the aesthetic component.


The system is easy to install and is able to provide a comfortable atmosphere even in extreme weather conditions. High rates of energy saving, air tightness, and water tightness allow creating and maintaining a comfortable microclimate in any room.

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