The new dimension of comfort

Endless view

Sliding doors of the Hi-Finity system are designed to provide a new level of comfort in the densely populated urban areas. Such a door with thin, barely visible profiles creates the impression of a wall of transparent glass that expands the boundaries of the premises.
The design is key in construction. Even the huge Hi-Finity sliding doors look elegant, light, airy and create a feeling of transparency. It seems that the interior and exterior space merge into one, creating a limitless view. Despite the thin visible profile of the system, it has high strength and reliability, provided by the combination of aluminum and glass. Consequently, the Hi-Finity system provides for the installation of large glass packs weighing up to 500 kg.
The system provides various options for opening: with two and three guides, closing in the center, possibly in combination from two to six leaves. Specially designed rollers and seals with Teflon coating ensure smooth sliding of the sash. Even large structures open easily in manual mode. For more convenience, a hidden drive is installed, which opens and closes sashes at the touch of a button.
Large glass surfaces these days correlate with low heat transfer and create the conditions of coziness and comfort. The Hi-Finity system, which provides the installation of single and double-glazed windows, will provide high thermal insulation. In places of contact between aluminum and glass, Reynaers patented and adjustable in width profiles are used, which ensure a tight fit and excellent tightness.
The locking mechanism of the leaves is hidden in the upper part of the door, which helps protect the door from breaking.


The Hi-Finity system with a triplex double-glazed window is particularly resistant to tampering, which was tested according to safety class RC2. The combination of a high level of tightness with maximum transparency and modern design makes this product an excellent solution for modern energy efficient architecture.

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