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The FASAD INTEX company considers as its main priority the high-quality and timely supply of aluminum structures to customers, as well as their installation and maintenance. This cannot be done without coordinated work with partners. “FASAD INTEX” invites businessmen and companies engaged in sales and installation of aluminum structures to cooperation, as well as everyone who wants to start this business. Work with each partner is built according to an individual scheme. We offer our wholesale buyers low prices for the entire range of products.

If you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, then you need to establish a connection in any suitable way for you, by phone +38 099 254 22 22 or e-mail:, and we will be able to discuss acceptable forms and options for cooperation.

FASAD INTEX provides its dealers with:
– high-quality certified products;
– assistance in measurements and calculations of standard and non-standard designs;
– exact observance of the stipulated terms;
– dealer prices;
– any convenient method and order of payment;
– the ability to measure and install your designs by our specialists;
– free training of your specialists;
– delivery of products to the object by their own transport, or transport companies.

We are interested in developing your business. Therefore, we offer the best conditions for cooperation and really favorable prices.

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