CW 86
CW 86

High installation speed

Curtain Wall 86 is a thermally insulated facade system with improved thermal performance. First of all, the material is used for the construction of multi-story buildings. On such projects, site installation speed is very important. Therefore, CW 86 provides a solution in which elements of glass and aluminum are pre-assembled in the workshop, delivered in assembled form to the site, where they are installed using traditional fixings. Thus, the facade, as in the case of a panel house, is being built extremely quickly.

The CW 86 system provides two glazing options: cassette (CG), when the glass is fixed with a bead; and structural (SG) with glass sticking with structural sealant. The latter option offers a uniform glass surface.

Thermal characteristics of the system, depending on the requirements and goals, may be different. Special drainage solutions, such as cascade moisture removal, improve the air- and waterproof quality of the facade. This confirms the possibility of using the system in conditions close to extreme, for example, on windy coasts and high altitudes.

Windows, doors and Raynars sun-protection systems can be easily integrated into the façade of CW 86. In addition, automatic opening drives are installed on top-hung and parallel-drawable windows in this system, which greatly expands the capabilities of your facade.

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