CW 65-EF
CW 65-EF

Fast installation and maximum light transmission

Curtain Wall 65-EF is an optimized facade element system with thin exterior lines that retains the strength and stability needed for high-rise buildings. The facade of this material is easily and quickly mounted on the construction site since the panels are pre-assembled in the workshop and delivered as a finished product to the construction site.
The installation speed, however, does not exclude architectural aesthetics, since the CW 65-EF system uses very thin profiles with a thickness of only 65 mm.

The performance characteristics of the CW 65-EF facade system comply with the most stringent building codes. Depending on the goals and objectives of the material, there are different levels of insulation. This system provides the installation of double-glazed windows.

CW 65-EF provides two glazing options: cassette (CG), when the glass is fixed with beads; and structural (SG) with glass sticking with structural sealant. In addition, automatic opening drives are installed on top-hung and parallel-sliding windows in this system, which greatly expands the capabilities of your facade.

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