CW 50
CW 50

Unlimited creative freedom and maximum transparency

Curtain Wall 50 is a rack-and-sided front system that does not limit the architect’s creative freedom and opens up the building for daylight as much as possible.

The CW 50 system has the widest range of solutions for various requirements and purposes: fire-resistant, with improved thermal insulation, for steel – with improved bearing capacities, for translucent roofs and with openings of various types (hidden, top-hung, parallel extendable, etc.). The system provides three types of structural glazing, when the double-glazed windows are fixed with structural sealant or internal clamping profiles, creating a one-piece glass exterior surface of the facade.

CW 50-SL or Thin Line has a thin inner part (15 mm instead of 50 mm). For a CW 50-HL or Horizontal Line, an external decorative profile in the form of a cone is used, which may extend the building in height or length. The system is designed for the installation of double-glazed windows, which allows it to be used for energy-passive buildings.

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