CS 86-HI
CS 86-HI

CS 86-HI”CS 86-HI” is an energy-efficient window system on a multi-chamber aluminum profile, which provides a very high strength of the product, and also effectively protects the room from burglary, heat leaks, penetration, air, and water. Optimum indicators of thermal insulation and sound insulation are achieved using a two-chamber glass unit. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 1.2 W / m2K, even for basic products of this series.
The window system was awarded certificates of compliance with the high energy efficiency standards of Minergie and Minergie-P. At the same time, the design corresponds to high classes of burglar resistance.
It is recommended to combine the system with door structures of a similar class. High energy savings can also be achieved with the use of sliding doors and sliding structures, which are also presented on our website.


The window system can be equipped with a variety of accessories with a hinged opening of the valves. High rates of thermal insulation provide the most comfortable atmosphere in the room, regardless of the weather conditions. In this configuration, glazing units with variable transparency are used to create an optimally comfortable atmosphere in the room.


The system corresponds to a high class of burglary. The design is reinforced with specialized fittings with fastening at various points, which implies the absence of breakages when an effort is applied for five minutes.

Energy efficiency

The window is designed on the basis of a multi-chamber aluminum profile, a two-chamber glass unit with energy-saving multifunctional glass (a change in the degree of translucency is possible). All interfaces are made with specialized seals, which significantly increase the insulating characteristics of the product as a whole.

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