CS 86-HI
CS 86-HI

Doors with improved thermal insulation

The energy-saving door system “CS 86-HI” is made with upgraded insulation due to the presence of a thermal bridge, which preserves the geometry of the structure even with a significant difference between the external and internal temperatures. The absence of bends makes it possible to retain heat better, and also to guarantee a high airtightness and water resistance of the door.

The use of special shape and design of the profile allows doors to be made for large openings, with a height of up to 3.0 meters and a width of up to 1.4 meters. Also, the product is assigned a second class of resistance from hacking, and for certain objects with intensive maneuverability, it is possible to deliver configurations with an increased resource.


Thermally insulated door system is able to maintain a high level of comfort in the room, even under extreme weather conditions. High-quality seals provide reliable protection from wind, water, and drafts.

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