CS 77
CS 77

The window system “CS 77” is a specialized development that provides effective thermal insulation of the room and its protection against intruders. A high degree of thermal insulation allows reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning, as well as to increase the comfort of the room. Products can be completed with double-glazed windows.The system has been certified and fully meets the most advanced European standards in the field of sound insulation, water resistance, airtightness, and fire resistance.

Under the individual needs of customers, on the basis of this design, fire-resistant and bullet-proof window systems are presented. We offer a possible development under the style of the object. In general, windows of various classes correspond to protection against hacking.

Optimum safety and comfort

Based on the “CS 77”, full-featured solutions are developed with sash opening inwards or inwards. For a complete assembly of the object, the system can be combined with door designs, sliding systems of the same level and automatic ventilation solutions.

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