CS 77
CS 77

The CS 77 door system is designed on an aluminum insulated profile that meets the increased requirements for thermal insulation, reliability, and safety, and is suitable for objects of various types. It is possible to manufacture configurations with the “panic” opening system, as well as burglar-resistant, fireproof and bullet-proof structures. In any performance, doors have a high degree of energy saving and durability.

Products of this series can be completed with various fittings with the external or internal opening, as well as automatic with electric control. Under the specifics and style of the object, it is possible to select thresholds of various heights. The standard model range includes products with a height of up to 3.0 meters and a width of up to 1.4 meters.


Aluminum door system has high strength. Even with intensive use, the frame does not warp, which minimizes the need for regular maintenance of the structure.


Due to its thermal insulation properties, the door is able to retain heat indoors, maintaining a comfortable microclimate.

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