CS 104
CS 104

Among the latest developments, a special place is occupied by the “CS 104” system, which is distinguished by the highest energy saving indicator. This is achieved by filling thermal bridges and chambers between bridges with double-glazed windows, a specialized insulating material.
At the same time, the basic design is used, which has proven itself only on the positive side.
Energy-saving window system of this class is developed on the basis of aluminum profile. All associated structural elements are equipped with specialized seals, due to which high air tightness and protection against water penetration are achieved. Production technologies, quality of assembly and materials provide the possibility of using these windows even in extreme conditions, at sites in coastal zones. In addition, the product fully complies with the second and third class of security against hacking from the outside.


This window system in combination with similar door designs and a two-chamber double-glazed window can create an incredibly comfortable, warm, safe and quiet atmosphere in any room. At the same time, reliable fittings will provide various options for opening the valves.


The design of the window system is designed with regard to resistance to cracking. Special fittings with fastening at various points provide increased strength and integrity of the system under force.

Energy efficiency

A multi-chamber system with a profile filled with insulating foam, as well as a two-chamber glass unit, is capable to ensure a minimum degree of heat leakage from the room, significantly reducing heating costs. Thermal insulation coefficient does not exceed 0.88 W / m2K.

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