CS 104
CS 104

The CS 104 door system meets the highest requirements in the field of energy saving. The aluminum profile of the structure is equipped with a thermally insulating gasket and filled with foam chambers with low thermal conductivity. The design with a sandwich panel instead of a double-glazed window received a certificate from Passive House, which implies a very high energy efficiency of the product, which makes it possible to use the door for buildings with high demands in the field of energy saving.

In addition to thermal insulation characteristics, the door system also has high air tightness and sound insulation. Product performance provides the ability to use these doors on coastal or high-altitude sites where extreme weather conditions are observed.


Thermally insulated door system is able to maintain a high level of comfort in the room, even under extreme weather conditions.


High-quality seals provide reliable protection from wind, water, and drafts.

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