CP 155 (-LS)
CP 155 (-LS)

Concept Patio 155 (-Lift Slide)

The sophistication of quality and insulation

Concept Patio® 155 is a first-class system of thermally insulated sliding and lift-and-slide doors. It is designed to create the largest possible glazed surfaces, taking into account increased comfort. The system is perfectly compatible with designs from the CS 86 system.

The CP 155 system exists in the “super-isolation” version (gets the ending “-HI”). With improved thermal insulation, the system meets the requirements of energy-passive buildings. A variant of such a single-door received a Swiss certificate for energy-efficient materials Minergie®.

The CP 155 is available in a variety of openings, while the low threshold option improves access to the building. Installing an automatic drive for opening will guarantee maximum convenience.
Lifting-sliding system provides the design of extremely large doors with the weight of one leaf up to 400 kg. CP 155 corresponds to the 2nd class of protection against hacking, which indicates the security and reliability of the solution.

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