Great continuation of the house

Reynairs profile systems for greenhouses can match your home design and match your favorite style: modern Functional or Victorian Renaissance winter gardens. To build such an extension, it will be necessary to combine the profiles of the greenhouse system with windows, doors, and Reynairs sliding doors.
Greenhouse systems are also used with visors and awnings that provide protection from rain and wind and increase the opportunity to have fun outdoors.

Winter Garden is a translucent construction, performed on thin and durable metal profiles with glazing. The best option is a profile made of aluminum, which has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation characteristics, high strength and durability. In this case, the profile has a small thickness, giving the design a visual lightness and maximum light transmittance. Architects rarely use these designs to expand the space. So, in the winter garden, you can transform the terrace of a country manor or apartment balcony.

The arrangement of a winter garden

First of all, before designing the framework of the winter garden, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the room: a greenhouse, a recreation room, a study, a pool, a gym, etc. You should also determine the seasonality of operation (seasonal, year-round), which will allow you to choose the right type of aluminum profile and insulation of the object as a whole. During the design, engineers solve the following tasks:

  • Prevention of the freezing effect of the structure in winter. To do this, we use a special "warm" profile, the design of which includes a thermal insulating part to minimize heat leakage.
  • Resistance to wind loads. First of all, the frame structure is calculated with the angle of inclination of the roof and the location of each support element. This farm must withstand its weight, the mass of the glazing, as well as wind and snow loads.
  • Waterproof. The characteristic is achieved by using special sealing elements between parts, including between profiles and glazing. Also in the course of the work, a ventilation, heating, rainwater drainage system and a lot of other important points are being designed.

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