Modern architecture seeks to hide the boundaries between the internal and external space of the building, as well as increases comfort and optimizes the living and working environment. Reynaers sliding doors are the perfect solution to these specific goals. With their use, large glazed walls are created to provide natural light in the house. Such designs are widely used in the arrangement of winter gardens, indoor pools, summer terraces, architectural units of country residences. In addition, these systems are the best option for input groups where the most efficient use of free space is required. Aluminum sliding doors can be used in the arrangement of interior openings, as well as entrances to the building.

Features and varieties

Sliding door systems, depending on the application, are manufactured on a “cold” or “warm” aluminum profile. The latter option includes several air-filled chambers and a thermal insulation layer. Also, these products can be equipped with an automatic opening system. The category includes several types of doors:

  • The sliding door with one rail consists of a sliding door with a double-glazed window and a fixed element. The latter is installed on the external profile of the frame, which gives it a minimalist look. The sliding element, if necessary, can be hidden in the wall.
  • Sliding door with two guides - two identical glazed sliding doors.
  • Sliding door with three and four guides - sliding doors are installed on separate rails (guides). When the sash is opened, they move behind one or two fixed elements, opening up a larger working space.
  • A lifting-sliding door has better insulating characteristics than a sliding option. In the lifting and sliding systems, due to a special fitting, the sash rises 5-6 mm for the opening. Accordingly, in the closed position, the sash of such a door is lowered and presses the lower seal, which guarantees maximum isolation and protection against burglary.
  • Doors-accordion. The design is a partition of several hinged shutters, which, when opened, are folded according to the principle of accordion bellows. Suitable for wide openings with a height of up to 2.3 m. Can be used as interior or exterior doors.

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