The combination of glass and aluminum profile provides extensive opportunities in the field of architecture. These materials can be used for the construction of partitions, various fences, sheds and canopies, balconies and loggias, entrance groups, vestibules, shower cabins, and other architectural elements. So, glass partitions are rarely found in shopping centers, where a full view of the shop window is an important marketing component.
Operational features
Glass constructions are very durable and do not require regular maintenance. Despite the fragility of the material, it has high strength, and when using thick glass, the possibility of accidental breaking is almost impossible. At the same time, all the loads are taken by the aluminum profile, and glass is the filling material. It is resistant to any external influences and does not lose its natural appearance throughout the entire process of operation.
The choice of a specific profile and glass is carried out in accordance with the purpose of the room. For heated areas, built on the basis of glass structures, it is recommended to use a multi-chamber profile with a thermal insulating gasket. For other cases, the standard “cold” profile will do. An important property of the materials used is the carrying capacity, due to which glass structures can be used for the construction of independent objects with minimal reinforcement of the supporting elements.

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