One of the most modern and attractive exterior trim options is the installation of a glass facade on an aluminum supporting structure. Using various technologies, architects can perform a panoramic finish with the full functionality of the facade elements without visible additional structures while minimizing wind loads. At the same time, the used aluminum frame significantly reduces the load on the facade part, including its low weight, and is also not affected by corrosion. As a result, the customer gets an attractive and long-term facade, the service life of which significantly exceeds analogs from other materials.

The use of glass facade designs
One of the absolute advantages of the glass facade on the aluminum frame is high light transmission and simultaneous tightness. That is why this technology is widely used for arranging winter gardens with an insufficient lateral illumination of the object, as well as in the construction of atriums. The ceiling passing light beams provides natural illumination of space, visually does the room more spacious, provides the natural comfort of stay of any user.
At the same time, the technology provides extensive opportunities for architects, allowing the construction of a translucent structure in the form of an arch, a pyramid, separate slopes, various geometric figures with visually smooth or angular transitions.

Tightness and environmental safety
In the production of glass facades, special attention is paid to the tightness of the joints. To obtain maximum protection, specialized sealing elements are used, which provide high waterproofing and airtightness. At the same time, their service life is comparable to the lifetime of the structure. Also, important attention is paid to the environmental safety of the structure. All materials used are completely safe, as evidenced by the package of relevant documentation and certificates.

The solution for your facade
All facade systems offered by Fasad Intex are compatible with each other. This makes it possible to integrate other systems into them: windows and doors, hinged and sliding doors, sun protection.
You can choose for yourself more than a hundred different options for colors and coatings. There are different options for both internal and external profile.

In our office, you can choose matte or glossy colors, metallic and special scratch-resistant structural coating Coatex that requires minimal maintenance. It is even possible to paint in the color of one of the dozens of wood species.

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