Entrance group is an architectural translucent design on the basis of the glazed profile, including door system. The most successful option for this task is the construction of an aluminum profile, which has high strength and does not require additional gain. In addition, this material is highly resistant to moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

The design of the entrance group and the selection of door opening systems is carried out on the basis of the features of the object and its attendance. Also takes into account the necessary degree of protection from all kinds of external and weather influences. Glazed door structures with an automatic or remote opening are developed on the basis of aluminum profiles. Depending on the characteristics of the building, you can choose the following door systems for the entrance group:

  • Classic aluminum hinged doors. The most wear-resistant and durable option that is suitable for private houses and objects with low traffic.
  • Sliding door systems. The best option for entrance groups where you need the maximum amount of free space or a door with a large glass area.
  • Doors-accordion. The design provides a high light transmittance of the doorway with the door open. Such doors are used for wide openings of standard height.
  • Pendulum doors. Made on the principle of hinged doors, however, opens in both directions. The design also includes a two-sided door closer, which always returns the web to the closed position. Suitable for objects with high traffic.

Also, aluminum doors can be made on a revolving pattern or in the form of automatic sliding systems.

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